Open-ended investment funds

Open-ended investment funds


The operations of investment funds and investment fund management companies in the FB&H are regulated by the Investment Funds Law and other regulations, and their establishment and operations are  supervised by the Commission.

What are investment funds?

Investment funds are institutional investors set up by fund management companies subject to approval by the Securities Commission. Their sole purpose is collecting funds by issuing units and investing in financial markets, dedicated to achieving a maximum return for the investor at an acceptable degree of risk. 

What is an open-ended investment fund?

An open-ended investment fund with a public offering is a separate  asset without legal personality, whose funds are invested in accordance with the Investment Funds Law and whose unitholders are entitled not only to get a pro rata share in the fund’s profit but also to demand a redemption of their units at any time and so exit the fund. 

What is a unit?

The units are considered to be securities and are freely transferable. The assets of an open-ended investment fund with a public offering, collected via the issue of units in the fund and their sale to the public, as well as the assets acquired by investing paid-in pecuniary assets, including any  income and the rights arising from the assets in the fund, form the open-ended-investment fund with a public offering, i.e. separate assets which are owned collectively by the holders of units in the fund. 

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