Why should you invest?

Why should you invest?

Investment diversification

We invest the fund's assets into a variety of financial instruments so your return does not depend on the price movements of just one financial instrument. Portfolio diversification reduces the risk the Fund is exposed to.


You can withdraw your money and have access to it at any time. The Company is obliged to redeem your units within three days from the date of receiving your application to sell.


The structure of the key investments by industry, geographic and currency criteria, as well as the daily unit price shall be made available on the Company’s website.

Professional asset management

You have extra cash but no time or adequate information and knowledge to monitor the market? The Fund’s assets are managed by a team of experts who monitor and analyse current market trends on a daily basis and react to them in a timely manner.


The Funds ensure returns adjusted to the defined investment strategy and the risk inherent in the selected strategy that is described in detail in the respective fund's Prospectus.


Each investment in the Fund is subject to a certain risk. When making an investment decision, the Company shall assess each individual investment within the risk level of the Fund’s total assets, taking into account the principles of profitability, liquidity, security and risk dispersion. A detailed risk description is provided in the Fund’s Prospectus.

Any information about the current value of units, the prospectus, the Fund's status and any other information regarding the Fund may be obtained at the Company's offices or any authorised Raiffeisen Bank branch office across the FB&H. Details of the current value of the Fund's units are published on the Company's website on a daily basis.

We are available to answer any further queries you might have.

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